Parqueting/Flooring Installation

The professional team at Gajeshwari Flooring House specializes in Floor Installation. Our local and licensed service providers are experienced in guiding you through the process and standing behind work that is expertly and diligently performed.

​False/Drop Ceiling

We provide the best design and service for the installation of false ceilings. With our provided designs and workers you can add different class and exposure to the top of your floor and add some beauty to the plain original ceilings.

Furniture and Kitchen Installation

Furniture and  proper kitchen establishment are the two important aspects needed for your home. Don’t worry, we also provide the best services  with specialized and customs designs to decorate your home to its best; while we also meet your ideal design wish.

Alumunium Doors and Windows

Along with our wide variety of services, we also excel at the availability and installment of aluminium doors and windows. As for you know, Aluminium are the most durable and reliable materials to be used in household furniture and decorations; so we provide the best we can through this service.

Solar Panel Installation

We provide different types of solar panel and install it according to your requiremnet and neccesity. We take the orders for the amount of solar panels needed from our customers and also provide the installation service within the package.

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